The Edisto Island Bookstore Book Club meets monthly, the second Wednesday, at the bookstore, located at 547 Highway 174 in The Edisto Center, a short distance before Edisto Beach.  This book club is open to one and all – our locals – permanent and part-time residents. Much welcome are visitors, permanent vacationers, and along with their friends or relatives. Not to worry if you haven’t read the book – come anyway and vent! You’ll be treated to local food, cheap wine and the best book lovers to be found in the treasure of our Lowcountry sea islands' – an opportunity to make friends and talk about books. Book Club meeting dates are provided below and book selections will be updated throughout the year. 

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March 2018 Li Cunxin Mao's Last Dancer   2009
April 2018 B. Smith Before I Forget   2016
May 2018 Dan Brown Origin   2017
June 2018 J K Rowling A Casual Vacancy   2012
July 2018 Kathryn Mannix With the End in Mind   2018

Edisto Island Bookstore

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