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Edisto – one of the sea islands on the southern coastline of the Eastern Seaboard has been fortunate to enjoy a quiet seclusion among the surrounding islands, far away from major thoroughfares for the majority to seek it out. Over two centuries, this island has been mostly undisturbed, agricultural and marine commerce comprising the economic support of residents as the island only slowly populated through time.

Now, as we’ve graduated into a new century, our forefathers who settled, cared for and preserved this island have rested peacefully knowing their beloved homeland continues to be respected and protected as they would want. F or those of us who have made our lives on this island and call it home, it’s exactly where we want to be – no bright lights, no big city, no trappings from the ‘feel better’ or ‘convenience world’, no entertainment around every corner, no high-powered schedules – we manage to grow families, have a career or retire here in spite of the way of the world. An accurate slogan would be ‘Edisto – it’s not so much what it is, it’s what it isn’t’. It is has been my good fortune to spend close to half of my life here and have enjoyed a business and career – although I don’t make any list of rich women entrepreneurs – I would trade what I have here for nothing else.

On Edisto, we enjoy the most pristine beach located on the southeastern seaboard – we’re assured of the significant necessities, including a few groceries, gasoline, liquor, fresh seafood and grits – equally assuring is a wholesome life, good friends and a good book to read! What else do we need?

Edisto Island Bookstore

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