The Edisto Bookstore will be glad to purchase your used books. Bring your books by the shop anytime - you are welcome to leave the books with contact information, or call for appointment.

Genres of books needed:

- Fiction and non-fiction
- Children's books
- All ages of baby and children's books, including young adult and teen
- Classics
- Elementary and high school summer reading lists
- History
- Cookbooks
- Southern fiction
- Fantasy and science fiction
- True crime
- Mystery
- Humor
- Graphic novels
- Nature/field guide books
- Romance
- Audio books

Other genres will be considered upon the demand and how current the titles.

Books will be purchased on the basis of need for stock and overall condition.

The following will not be considered for purchase:
text books, reader's digest books, book club editions, magazines or national geographic, ex-library books, Advance Review Copies, series romance, or encyclopedias, soiled, damaged, water-stained or saturated in cigarette smoke or other odors, boxed books subjected to outside elements, i.e., rodents, bugs, weather, etc.

If you have a large quantity of books (50 or more), please call first to determine if storage space is available.

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